ChatGPT vs What’s the Best AI Content-Generating Tool?

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Static and dynamic content editing

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When it comes to running a business or carrying out marketing tasks, we want to do so as efficiently as possible, without day to day tasks taking too much time or money. Nowadays, there are many tools out there to help us with this. No more staring at a blank wall for hours trying to come up with content ideas! 

We’re comparing two tools that have been in the limelight of the marketing world recently – and ChatGPT

Both of these tools are a means of creating content quickly and effectively (most of the time!) and marketers worldwide are tapping into their potential.

In this article we will compare the two tools in terms of usability, pricing, features, customer service and reliability.

So, what is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses machine learning to write content for you. It can be used to write articles, blogs and even social media posts. You can interact with ChatGPT via text message or live chat; the AI will then respond in the requested format, whether that’s a short one-line answer or an article that goes into detail. 

The user can also provide feedback on how accurately the AI responded to their request in order to train the AI to produce better outputs over time. This is especially helpful when working with large volumes of content; you can train how well-written each article is before publishing! 

In addition to long-form content, you can literally ask ChatGPT anything and it will give you an answer. We know what you’re thinking; Google does this. And that would be correct. However, Google gives us lots of potential answers, where ChatGPT will only provide one ‘source of truth’. 

Scary, right?

There’s some controversy over this at the moment since the AI tool has only been trained on data up to 2021, so world events that happened or content that was produced after 2021 will not appear in its system. For example:

  1. The FIFA World Cup was won by Argentina, not Brazil, so this is inaccurate. 
  2. Molly-Mae, a British influencer and public personality had a baby in January 2023, not 2020. 
  3. And finally, the Alec Baldwin trial outcome was released this year and the chatbot doesn’t know about it. 

It’s important to be aware of this when using ChatGPT and to ensure you fact check information against Google. 

What is is an artificial intelligence writing tool that can help you write content of all kinds; blog posts, articles, social media captions, SEO data, creative stories, ad copy and so much more. It’s similar to ChatGPT in that its root is in content generation, however, it appears to be a little more user friendly…

Jasper has been around since 2020, whereas ChatGPT only launched in November 2022, so it’s had plenty of time for user interface revamps and new feature releases. It’s super intuitive, offers seamless workflow for content creation and is packed full of tutorials to help users get their heads around the insanely impressive features it has to offer.

Jasper is similar to ChatGPT in that it's designed for non-writers who want to use their own words but need some assistance getting started or polishing their work up before publishing it online. 

Like ChatGPT, Jasper provides prompts while you type out your draft so that your writing flows smoothly from start to finish without needing any editing afterwards. They also recently implemented a chat service which works similarly to ChatGPT - you can prompt the server and ask it to write anything.

So, ChatGPT or

We’re looking at usability, price, top features, customer feedback and integrations to decide which is the best AI tool of the moment…

1. Usability

ChatGPT and Jasper are both relatively easy to use. They both have a web interface, which makes them easy to access on any device and are generally user-friendly for beginners.

Both tools also offer training resources that can help you get started with the tool quickly and easily, such as tutorials and documentation available online or through email support from the companies themselves. This will save you time in trying to figure out how each one works for yourself, so it's definitely worth taking advantage of these resources if possible!

How user-friendly is ChatGPT?

At first glance, ChatGPT comes across as being pretty simple, with just a homepage listing some prompts to input and a search bar along the bottom where you type in your command. However, you quickly realise there is more to this game!

ChatGPT makes it incredibly easy to create content, but the quality of it is determined by the human input, so it does take some getting used to.

Is easy to use?

Jasper is more detailed at first glance and with dozens of templates to choose from as a starting point, it can be quite overwhelming. However, the brand and user interface of Jasper makes it enjoyable to use and easy to engage with - Jasper, the adorable little robot is your friendly companion to help you stay on top of everything content-related. 

The templates take users through an intuitive journey to build their content, making it simple. Plus, you can quickly get a handle on using it through their really helpful resources like videos and web classes available to make sure that this user-friendly experience lasts long term. 

Overall, for usability, we’re huge fans of Jasper. The brand and user interface is a dream to work with, so it’s 1-0 here.

2. Pricing

Will ChatGPT be free forever?

ChatGPT is entirely free for now, but many have reported that OpenAI are trialling a Pro version of the chatbot, with rumours stating that it would cost ~$42 per month and it would be named ChatGPT-professional. 

The main differences between the pro and free version would be; the pro bot would be trained on a wider range of language data, making it more ‘human-like’. It would be available as an API, allowing developers to integrate it better into their systems, and it would be able to handler a higher volume of requests. 

Rumour is that the free alternative would still be available, so don’t sweat for now!

Is expensive? 

The pricing of Jasper varies depending on how many words you want to write per month. For example, if you needed to output 100,000 words per month, it would cost roughly $99 per month. 

This option is available for individuals and small teams, or you can choose the business version starting from $499 per month. 

Jasper is certainly more of a financial investment, however, as mentioned Jasper has been around since 2020 seeing numerous iterations and evolutions, so its price tag does reflect a more advanced platform. 

If you’re looking for a cheap platform, then ChatGPT would be the winner on this one, however, Jasper is certainly worth the investment. 1-1.

3. Top Features

Both ChatGPT and Jasper have some incredible features. So much so that they’ve blown our minds as we’ve witnessed content being created in seconds right in front of our eyes!

Top features of ChatGPT

Some of the things that ChatGPT can do are: 

  • Conversations: interact in a conversational manner about anything you like.
  • Short-form Q&A: answer questions with one ‘source of truth’ answer (we’d recommend you still fact check this elsewhere!)
  • Simple explainers: summarise long texts in a single sentence or explain complex ideas in a simple manner
  • Outrank competitors: feed ChatGPT a competitor URL and it’ll give you a cracking starting point to outranking them (not quite there just yet but it’s a good springboard)
  • Translate languages: no more Google translations or paying native speakers, ChatGPT has an in-built translation feature
  • Long-form content: Write content in various formats; articles, lists, poems, you name it!

These features make ChatGPT a powerful tool for various applications, ranging from chatbots to language translation services. However, ChatGPT is overall more generic than Jasper and it can create repetitions and plagiarism, so you need to be aware of this when you’re using it to help with your writing.

Top features of

Jasper is built for the content writer. Over the last few years, it’s seen many evolutions to work in harmony alongside copywriters and the depth and breadth of it’s offerings is now outstanding.

From starting as a ‘simple’ blog helper in 2020, Jasper now has over 50 proven templates to speed up content generation. With templates for literally any type of content you could ever need to write, there really isn’t anything you can’t do with Jasper.

What’s more, Jasper lets you create a writing team, so everyone's input can be taken into account when creating your content. 

Just a selection of content types Jasper can help with are:

  • Social media captions: whether it’s punchy product explainer lines, persuasive anecdotal copy or personal experiences, Jasper helps create social media captions that gets people liking, sharing and commenting.
  • Advertisement copy: Jasper can help you write copy for your advertisements that at crafted to convert impressions into conversions.
  • Long-form articles: you can communicate directly with Jasper while it writes your post. You can ask it to generate titles, outlines and paragraphs. It prompts you to add tone of voice and keywords etc too.
  • Email responses: Jasper is clever. Let him read an email in your inbox and he’ll craft a reply! 9 times out of 10 it’s exactly how you’d have answered, just tweak it slightly for an specifics and hit send. He’ll save you hours of admin!
  • Website copy: Jasper knows all the best practices. Leave snappy, engaging headlines to the bot! 
  • Product descriptions: Jasper has read most of the internet so is capable of writing about any product out there, from children’s items to pet products to adult-only!
  • Artwork: use prompts to tell the bot what you want an image of and it will produce anything you ask it to, leveraging the features of AI-generated artwork tools like Midjourney.

Another plus for Jasper is the chrome extension feature that allows you to do a lot of these things while remaining in an existing workflow rather than logging into the web app.

When it comes to features, Jasper is our winner! 2-1

4. Customer feedback and reviews 

Both of these AI content-generating tools have a wealth of users, but not all them sing their praises…

Is ChatGPT any good?

ChatGPT unfortunately doesn’t have the best reviews on Trustpilot

In general, there are very few reviews on ChatGPT and the reviews which do exist are not very positive. Many people claim that the website is a scam, that your information is not secure, or that the site is prone to crashing but there are a few scattered in there about how ChatGPT has helped them with projects at work and that it is revolutionary. 

Is worth it?

When it comes to customer reviews, Jasper has an impressive reputation amongst its customers. 

96% of reviews are 4 and 5 stars on Trustpilot with some users saying that Jasper helped them get through writer’s block, it took their preparation time for blog writing from 5 hours to 15 minutes, and one person even saying Jasper is their best co-worker! 

It goes without saying that in terms of customer reviews, Jasper is strides ahead of ChatGPT. 

It seems OpenAI have some work to do to build up a positive reputation for ChatGPT but we’re sure it will get there - this is only the beginning!

5. Integrations

Both AIs integrate with existing tools and platforms, extending their capabilities and offering more flexibility in workflows.

What does ChatGPT integrate with?

ChatGPT is highly flexible and can be integrated with various platforms and tools, most commonly with popular conversational platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook Messenger, allowing users to build conversational interfaces that integrate seamlessly with their existing workflows. 

Additionally, ChatGPT can be integrated with APIs for speech recognition and text-to-speech, enabling the creation of voice-based conversational interfaces. 

ChatGPT also integrates with cloud storage services like AWS and Google Cloud Storage, providing an easy way to store and access data within conversational AI applications. Furthermore, ChatGPT's API can be integrated into custom applications and workflows, making it possible to build bespoke conversational AI solutions. These integrations make ChatGPT a powerful tool for a wide range of conversational AI use cases.

What integrations does offer?

One of the key features of Jasper is the variety of integrations that it offers, enabling users to connect it to other tools and platforms they are already using. 

For example, Jasper integrates with Slack and Facebook Messenger, allowing users to build conversational interfaces for their customers directly within these platforms. It also integrates with APIs for speech recognition and text-to-speech, making it possible to build voice-based conversational interfaces. 

Additionally, it offers integrations with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, making it easy to store and access data from within a Jasper-powered conversational AI application. These integrations, combined with Jasper's flexible and scalable architecture, make it a powerful and versatile platform for building conversational AI solutions.

What’s more, Jasper is the only AI with a Chrome extension that lets you use leverage the power of AI-generated content inside other applications like Google Docs or website CMS editor panels.

Both Jasper and ChatGPT offer a world of possibilities when it comes to integrations, so it’s a draw for this section. 3-2

6. Reliability

When it comes to content marketing and copywriting, you want your tools to be accessible 24/7. There’s no 9-5 involved when a great idea comes to mind and you just want to get cracking on it. 

So, you need tools that work with you, not against you… And when it comes to which tool you can rely on, there are a few things that we know. 

“Is ChatGPT down?”

ChatGPT has a much lower uptime than Jasper. 

It doesn’t take a genius to know that ChatGPT isn’t always accessible:

Since it’s launch in November 2022, accessing this AI tool has been hit and miss. However, some might argue we should cut it some slack since it just wasn’t anticipating the rush of use it experienced. Hopefully, as this tool evolves, it will be able to handle an increased user base. Many say that the Pro version would offer a more reliable service.

How reliable is

Jasper, on the other hand, is more reliable, with an uptime of 99.99%. This means that it rarely is unavailable or suffers from system errors. Given its steady climb in the AI market, Jasper has evolved to handle its user base superbly, offering unrivalled customer support (for the few times its needed!)

When it comes to reliability, Jasper is the one.

Which AI content tool is best for your business?

The main difference between ChatGPT and Jasper is that ChatGPT is generally more for researching and experimenting with concepts and ideas, and Jasper is built for content generation in the marketing and advertising industry. 

When is ChatGPT right for my business?

  • If your business involves a lot of research and experimentation
  • You need short succinct answers to questions
  • The ability to quickly iterate based on your requests 
  • Generate rough ideas
  • Improve existing content

It does however still require a level of fact-checking and proof-reading. That’s not to say it won’t get even better over time though - it’s an incredible tool as it is, just 3 months after launch, so time will tell!

When is right for my business?

  • If you wish to really integrate AI into your day to day business processes 
  • You need to create large volumes of content quickly and regularly 
  • You want to alleviate a lot of the time spent on tasks in your marketing or sales team
  • There’s a variety of content formats you need to produce; articles, AIDA, video scripts, social media captions, to name just a few. 

It goes without saying that many factors will influence your choice of tool.

Your budget will play a role in the use of these tools so with ChatGPT being entirely free and Jasper being a paid service, it’s a good idea to consider costs when it comes to using these AI systems.

Similarly, the size of your team and collaboration requirements might be a make or break factor (you’ll need Jasper in this case).

Either way, both tools provide incredible value to content writers and, used correctly, transform workflows, output and results.

Just a heads up, some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, meaning we may make a small commission on any sign-ups or purchases for the tools we recommend.

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